Born Out of the Need for Common Sense

As systems analyst/programmer for a local Manufacturing company, I was purchasing IT equipment and services from local stores & businesses.

After realising that most off-the-shelf PC systems were poorly built, with little or no back-up, by companies who didn't seem to care, I knew I had to get out there and provide IT equipment and services that the customer really wants.

Wildman Computers is a Small Family Business

My family support my business in many ways so we always try to apply family values in the way we work together and look after our customers. We care about our products, our services and our customers. If you find you have any reason to doubt this, then I would personally invite your comments.

A Professional Background and a Wealth of Experience

As well as programming in several computer languages, I have studied systems analysis and business and professional studies (including accounts, business & contractual law and personnel management). We have helped several businesses from a complete start-up package, through new IT networks, to just giving a little technical support when its needed.

We are Firmly Established with a Shop, Workshop and Industry-Wide Connections

We still provide simple (and specialist) computers for the home (and business) users. In order to provide services from the routine, through to specialist, we now have several members of staff and associates specialising in all aspects of IT related work. Look at the teams listed below to see which team you might like to help you.

For over 20 years Wildman Computers have benefitted from personal recommendations.

Many are from people that know each other, but the latest trends are to look at what other people have to say on the internet.

Surveys have shown that it takes the very best of service for someone to make the time and effort to post a review on the internet.

Wildman Computers have 5 star ratings on both Google and Yell.com. Click to see for yourself!

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'Which magazine' members have been recommending Wildman Computers for several years. We believe there is no greater recommendation than word of mouth for no personal gain.

The Workshop Team (Baildon)

Full of ‘up to date' specialist tools and software.

The Policy Team (Baildon)

I.T. Policy, Compliance policy, etc.

The Design Team (Baildon)

Digital logos, Websites, Letterheads, Signs, etc.

The Call Out Team

A group of highly skilled individuals who will provide help on site at local offices and homes.

The Data Recovery Centre

We can open disk drives that have completely failed and recover the data from the plates.

Laptop & Consoles Workshop

For the more complicated issues, if the workshop can't provide a quicker fix.