The Best Computer Shop? Services and Support Available

The Best Computer Shop?

More thoughtful Service where it matters!

Are you looking for IT Service from The Number 1 Computer Repair Shop in West Yorkshire? Covering Baildon, Bingley, Bradford, Ilkley, Leeds, Menston, Otley, Saltaire, Shipley and the surrounding area.

We asked ourselves, what can we do to be better than all the others. Here are just some of the things we decided to do…

Protection from Surges, Spikes and Dropouts.

Our qualified electrician installed specially wiblue circuits in the workshop, to ensure clean power to all customers equipment, when it is plugged in. Your equipment is safer with us than it is plugged in to a normal circuit at home.

Proven Track record (Since 1991)

Most computer shops fail within a couple of years. We have been helping customers since 1991 and they keep coming back.

Extra Checks and Tests to be sure.

We do extra tests that others don't. If there are more problems than you were first aware of, you might not want to have your system fixed, only to find you will have more problems.

Double checking as standard

We don't wait for someone to report a problem, our engineers double check each others jobs to ensure nothing has been missed, before we return you equipment to you.

Professional Indemnity

A lot of our competitors do not provide a financial guarantee for the work and advice they give. We are the professionals and we do.



In an example of a typical month, we might do all of the following...

Upgrade digital CCTV for a manufacturer in Guiseley.

Giving the employer access to the footage, directly to his mobile phone.

Highly Confidential advice on a difficult and sensitive issue for an accountants firm.

Visit a old lady in Shipley to tune in FREE satellite TV, to help her save money

Some just can't afford the extra monthly payments for premium TV services.

Providing advice to a company in Saltaire Mills on a proposed new network, which will run on the latest 1000MB (1GB) high speed cabling.

Not just the method, but on installing it more affordably and efficiently.

Repairing laptops, computers and a gaming console in our Baildon Computer workshop.

Building a high specification bespoke gaming computer for a teenager in Bingley.

Install specialist Wi-Fi (wifi or wireless) to a large house in the outskirts of Ilkley.

This house is broad, with thick walls and previous attempts by a less experienced computer team has failed.

Emergency call out to one of our premium support customers with an office

in the Centre of Leeds that needs to be up and running 7 days a week.

Upgrade digital CCTV for a manufacturer in Guiseley.

Giving the employer access to the footage, directly to his mobile phone.

Recovering data from a failed hard disk for a customer in Beckwithshaw, just outside Harrogate.


When one of our engineers has a week full of visits, his planned week might look like this


Ilkley, Otley, Harrogate, Knaresborough.


Menston, Leeds, Horsforth, Guiesley.


Bradford, Eccleshill, Wrose, Shipley, Saltaire.


Keighley, Bingley, Baildon.


Baildon assisting the workshop team.


Sometimes we have an extra retail session in the Baildon Shop and overtime in the workshop to stop the list of jobs building up.


For years, the Lager Carlsberg have made the same joke. That if they specialised in anything else other than Lager that they would be best at it. Well when it comes to I.T., Wi-Fi & computers, they would never be better than Wildman Computers.

Please read through the details that we have listed on this web page. See real reasons how and why our team, workshop, ethics and equipment have been invested in properly. To provide the very best for the customers we serve.

Only Decades of service and thoughtful investment have brought us to where we are today. With 5 star recommendations from normal every day customers who need someone to trust. When it comes to broken computers, threats from virus' or adware and IT problems. Customers want someone to stand by their side, reassure and explain.

We demonstrate how we do more than any other repair shop to keep your equipment safe and protected whilst it is with us. From storing your equipment together in protective cases when it isn't on the work bench, to only plugging in to specialist protected circuits when actively working on your equipment.

Wildman Computers wanted not just to say that we are better than the rest, but instead we wanted to provide unmistakable proof.