Website Design Services and Support Available

Website Design

Our Web design and creation team can create all sorts of websites. Unique to the individual requirements of different customers.

Affordable Web hosting.

If you already have a website, then we already offer hosting for your current website on the internet; "very affordable" with just an annual fee of £30+VAT for managing your site hosting for you.

It doesn't matter who currently hosts your website, we find the most affordable hosting deal with a good quality provider, then move your site across to them and ensure it runs smoothly.

Web site creation to a limited budget.

A lot of customers have to come to us with a very limited budget.

Some even want to start with just a single webpage, telling people about them and asking them to call or email.

That’s not a problem and we are happy to help.

Web creation Templates, to give our customers more creativity without the price tag.

Whilst creating a few different websites which involved many hours of detailed work, we identified that at times, we were doing the same tasks again and again.

We looked at creating some templates, so that our customers could have the rewards of the work we have already done, without having to pay for the time that was originally involved in creating that work.

Where we can, we will put in extra code without any extra charge.

This could mean that you could have things like a slide show, a page that formats to different screen sizes, a gallery and so on.

All for the very minimum of cost, but with a few tweaks to make them look unique to your company brand and colour livery.

Our templates contain a lot of the following items

  • Multi Platform Viewability.
    • Being able to view the site on an 4 inch mobile screen, as well as a 10” tablet and 22” computer screen is very important, if you are wanting to reach more people who use these different devices. In the early days, people with mobile devices couldn’t read many websites and companies found that they had to get their sites made again, so that more customers would find their site useful.
  • Meta Tags.
    • In many ways meta tags are a spent force, we will discuss meta tags with you and the various superior search engine optimisation techniques available to the modern website.
  • Meta Description.
    • A key element for both the search engines and potential customers, a meta description tells search engines what information to display next to your site.
  • Slideshow.
    • Quality photos, animated to scroll. This adds a bit of movement and livens up a webpage, when everything else is static.
  • These are just a few of the many options that we offer and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

    Please contact Matthew Wildman for more detail.

  • Page and Tab titling.
    • Different pages of your website and found more easily by search engines (such as Google), of the pages and tabs are have more specific titles.
  • Tab Icons.
    • Alongside a title we feel that a company related Icon in the tab is absolutely essential for a professional looking website.
  • FAQ.
    • A number of Helpful, frequently asked questions, can provide better detail to many web sites and proves to a potential customer that you know and care about the subject that you are discussing.
  • Contact Us.
    • Our template contact us page provides many different useful features allowing the customer a choice of how to get in touch. This includes address, telephone numbers, opening times, email addresses, departments, map, directions, instant email and more.

FREE Assessment.

Ask for a free assessment of your Website needs. We visit to site, discuss what your requirements are and look to give you a number of options to consider.

Listed below are some of the websites that have taken advantage of many of the templates, to substantially reduce the cost of creating a new website, whilst adding as much detail into their site for the budget that was available.

Create a website without spending too much money?

We specialise in Website creation on a budget!

Are you looking for specialist help with your company website in West Yorkshire? Covering Baildon, Bingley, Bradford, Ilkley, Leeds, Menston, Otley, Saltaire, Shipley and the surrounding area.

  • Business or Home (Single or Multi site)

  • Add special features without having to pay for hours of specialist work.

  • Learn how to manage the site yourself (you don’t have to pay us to do every single change, if you don’t want to)

  • Complete ownership of the site. You get to own what you’ve paid for and we will happily make you copies to take away.

  • With a Team covering all other aspects of I.T., we can help with much more than just the website.

We have already successfully helped many Businesses and Homes Tackling difficult website setups as well as some quick and easy changes. Pop in for a FREE discussion.